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Plano Sewing Center

Solaris Christmas Event

Date: October 27 & 28
Time: 9:30 to 4:30
Cost to Attend: $249

Deadline to Sign Up: October 16

Join us for this two day event to create 4 fabulous projects.

Includes: Written Instructions, Kits, Lunch, Snacks and Lots of Fun!


  • Edge to Edge Quilted Table Mat with Perfect Placement
  • IQ Designed Quilt Blocks with Applique and Fill Stitches (Constructed in Class)
  • Tree Wall Hanging with Fill Stitches and Camera Placement
  • Couched Pillow

Supply List to Bring:
Solaris upgrade to 3 or Vision
Embroidery machine and cord
1/4 quilting foot or J foot and ankle for sewing
Dual feed attachment with feet
Couching embroidery foot
Marking pen
Quilting spray
Applique scissors
Point turner
Extra machine needles (80×14 or 70×12)
Usual sewing supplies: Scissors pins etc
Chair cushion

Sewing Thread
Dark Blue (Edge to dEge)
Dard to medium green with matching bobbin (Tabble Runner and Tree)
Brown (Tree)
Tan (Pillow)

Embroidery Thread
Dark to medium blue with matching bobbin (Edge to Edge)
Red (Poinsetta and Couching)
Dark Green (Poinsetta)
White (Background Poinsetta)
Metallic Gold (Tree)
Yellow (Star)

10 1/2 x 10 1/2 (Poinsetta Block)
8 x 12 or 7 x 14 (can be DIME magnetic or Baby Lock Hoop)

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