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Creator - Level 3 is the ultimate software for the adventurous embroiderer who wants the flexibility to explore everything that’s possible in digitizing. This software includes all the fundamental drawing, stitch and fill selection tools that come with Levels 1 and 2. Create shareable designs, merge images into one cohesive design with path tools or add embellishments such as image splicing. Other artistic tools include “inflate” features.

This product is compatible for PC and Mac.


Drawing Tools
Trace any image, shape or design for automatic digitizing. Then edit the resulting file with the Magic Wand and other easy-to-use drawing tools for limitless embroidery design possibilities. 

Built-in Designs & Fonts
Works with existing TrueType™ art formats. Personalize every project with one of 200-plus built-in shapes. Choose from more than 150 motifs for runs and fills 

Fills and Borders, Including Applique
Customize line stitching with your choice of runs and fills. Use a variety of borders to create traditional and custom appliqué 

Variety of Decorative Stitches
Freestanding lace, stipple, cross stitch, motif run, motif fill, lace stitches 

Manually Placed Stitches
Use any artwork as a temperature for digitizing with the manual punch feature. Define the areas you want to stitch, then control the exact placement and type of stitches you wish to use in any digitized design.

Candlewick, Motif and Contour Fill
Embellish a variety of items with the decorative candlewick and French knot effects, and contour fill with a few mouse clicks. 

Bezier Mode
Using the Bezier curve tool, you can create curves and other shapes with ease. Simpy grab control points and drag them to change the shape. Define even complex shapes with a minimum number of control points. 

Add Inclinations
Smooth out complex fills and satins by adding inclination lines and setting the direction in which the fill will sew. This intuitive tool lets you add inclinations within a few simple steps.

Path Tools
Combine, flatten, merge and fine-tune artwork using Creating Path Tools. These tools were designed for precise customization of digitized art.

Convert Stitches to Art
Once you've created your at platform, customize further by manipulating stitches. "Inflate" a decorative border around monogramming, change stitch direction and more.

Line Magic Wand
Simple, accurate line drawing is at your fingertips with this easy-to-use tool.

Image Splice
Achieve a decorative effect with personalized embroidery designs with a tool that splices a monogrammed letter with a title, name or word

Designers Gallery Creator at a Glance

System Requirements

  • Intel Mac OSX 10.5 and later
  • Microsoft Vista, Windows 7 -10 (32-bit or 64-bit operating system)
  • 1024 X 768 video resolution with 32-bit color display
  • 512MB RAM (or higher)
  • Minimum 50MB hard disk drive space available
  • Mouse or compatible pointing device

Compatible File Formats

Works with today’s most popular brands of Embroidery Machines Designer’s Gallery Creator is compatible with the most popular embroidery machine formats, including: .art v 1-4, .cnd, .csd, .dst, .emb v. 1-6, .emd, .exp, .gnc, .hus, .jan, .jef, .pcm, .pcs, .pec, .pes, .phc, .sew, .shv, .vip, .xxx. 

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