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Floriani Software, Stabilizer and Thread
Floriani Software, Stabilizer & Thread

Floriani Total Control U Software Training

Floriani Software - FTCU Software Training

Floriani Total Control U Software Training – Two Video Training Series

DVD Case 1: Floriani Total Control U Software Training Fundamentals – this is a video series recorded by Mark Garetz that takes you on a tour through FTC-U software!  It provides an overview of features for beginners and advanced users.  This series contains over 11 hours of recorded video.

DVD Case 2: FTC-U Software Lessons – this is a compilation of FTC-U videos provided on the Club.  Conveniently compiled onto two discs, you can watch these without the need to be online or inside of the Club.  With over 130 training videos (38 hour’s worth) you will learn to master the software in no time. 

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