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Floriani Specialty Stabilizers

Floriani ... The Name That Means Beautiful Quilting & Embroidery

Floriani Appli Kay Wonder

Floriani Appli-kay Wonder is a specialized webbing material which is fusible on one side and sticky on the other! Use for traditional or machine embroidered appliqué to hold pieces in place while you stitch without gummy needles! Enjoy the soft and flexible texture of Appli-kay Wonder when layering pieces. The pressure sensitive side makes positioning small detailed pieces a snap! Also use to hold free standing embroideries or patches in place while you stitch.

Now available in convenient printable sheets or tape size rolls.

Floriani Appli Kay Wonder Sizes Available: 9" x 3 yards, 18" x 3 yards, 8.5" x 11" Sheets, Tape Sizes: 1" x 9 yards, 1/4" x 9 yards

Floriani Dream Weave Fusible

When adding embroidery to your most delicate fabrics such as silk, satin, lame or chamois, you can experience shredding. This occurs because the fragile fibers of the fabric are not capable of handling the constant penetration of the needle during the embroidery process. This can also occur in fabrics such as Swiss Batiste, top quality quilt cottons and linen, Lycra or spandex which are often used in dance uniforms or bathing suits. By fusing Floriani Dream Weave Fusible® to the back of the fabric it helps to protect the fabric by giving it more body yet doesn't change the face or drape of the fabric. This product can also be used as a lining in all types of fabrics for suits or garment construction. It is important to remember that Dream Weave is not a stabilizer. It is a very important step to prepping or preparing delicate fabrics for embroidery.

Floriani Dream Weave Fusible Sizes Available: Black or White, 30" x 3 yards, 30" x 25 yards

Floriani Dream Weave Ultra

Use Floriani Dream Weave Ultra® for adding extra support to light weight or delicate fabrics when stitching dense or large embroidery designs. Floriani Dream Weave Ultra® adds a light layer of support so the embroidery stitches will not cause damage or distortion to the fabric. Fuse Dream Weave Ultra® into place for an instant increase in thread count without adding bulk or changing the drape of the fabric – and use less stabilizer! Floriani Dream Weave Ultra® can also be used as an interlining for dress and suit weight fabrics for apparel.

Floriani Dream Weave Ultra Sizes Available: 30" x 3 yards

Floriani Embroidery Batting

This Floriani exclusive cotton/poly embroidery batting is needle punched to the highest standard to prevent stretch, puckering and shrinkage making it ideal for “in the hoop” quilting

Floriani Embroidery Batting Sizes Available: 60” x 1 yard, 60” x 3 yards, 60” x 15 yards

Floriani Heat N Gone

Heat N Gone® is a unique topping/stabilizer that is removed with the touch of a dry iron or heat press. Use on high pile and textured fabrics such as towels, knits and velvet to keep your stitching elevated and smooth. It is also ideal for fabrics that cannot withstand moisture such as delicate raw silk, pashmina and wool. Great when giving a gift and you need instant stabilizer removal! Use only on fabrics that can withstand the direct touch of an iron.

Floriani Heat N Gone Sizes Available: 10” x 10 yards, 10” x 25 yards, 20 x 10 yards

Floriani Heat N Shrink

Floriani Heat N Shrink® a versatile product designed to add a random, wrinkled texture to a wide range of fabrics and can be used to create wearables or home decorative items such as shirts, jackets, skirts, quilts, placemats, pillows and curtains.

Every fabric shrinks slightly differently so you will want to test before using. Generally, fabrics will shrink approximately 30%.

Floriani Heat N Shrink Sizes Available: 60” x 1 yard, 60” x 15 yards

Floriani Heat N Sta Fusible Fleece

Add dimension to your embroidery and quilting projects with Floriani Heat N Sta Fleece®. Create soft home dec items such as placemats, table runners and crib quilts. This unique product is similar to traditional quilt batting only with a fusible side to keep the fleece in place while stitching through it! Heat N Sta Fleece® is ideal for machine embroidered or T-Shirt quilts as it does not have to be quilted to maintain the fibers of the batting. It is machine washable, dryer and/or dry cleaner safe.

Floriani Heat N Sta Fusible Fleece Sizes Available: 45" x 1 yard, 45" x 5 yards, 45" x 15 yards

Floriani Press N Bond

Use this "no sew" bonding material to adhere patches, appliqués and embroideries to most fabrics without stitching!

Press N Bond withstands laundering and dry cleaning and will create a permanent bond between fabric surfaces when heat is applied. NO sewing is required! Adheres to Vinyl, Polyester, Cotton, Polycotton and most other fabrics.

Floriani Press N Bond Sizes Available: 8” x 11” sheets and 24” x 10 yards

Floriani Pressing Cloth

A recently revealed secret of the Floriani family is to “heat set” the embroidery design once it is sewn. Using a Floriani press cloth will protect the embroidery thread from the surface of the iron while “setting” the color and stitch formation. Your embroidery will be perfect after it is laundered! Now you can own the press cloth used and recommended by Walt himself!

Floriani Pressing Cloth Sizes Available: 14" x 28"

Floriani Stitch N Shape

Use for adding shape, form and/or dimension to tote bags, placemats, fabric bowls/boxes, hat brims, ornaments, paper dolls and more. This remarkable product will hold its shape after it is inserted between two layers of fabric. You can stitch or embroider directly through it. Items constructed with Stitch N Shape® can be laundered and then reshaped by steaming. Create unique picture frame mats by painting, stitching or embellishing directly on it.

Stitch N Shape® is available in regular non-fused, single side fusible and double side fusible.

Floriani Stitch N Shape Sizes Available: 15" x 10 yards

Floriani Temp Lite

Created for precision embroidery placement! This sheer fabric like template will help you hoop more confidently and gives an absolute guide for aligning your embroidery!

 Floriani Temp Lite Sizes Available: 25 sheets, 8.5” x 11”

Floriani Template Tearaway

Getting our embroidery designs placed in the appropriate position can be time consuming and frustrating. Placement of an embroidery design in a bordered area such as a quilt square or pocket can also present a challenge for even the most skilled embroiderer. Template Tearaway gives you the visual help you need to make your hooping experience much easier. The 8.5" x 11" sheets are ready to print and work on almost all types of printers and copiers. Use your favorite embroidery software to print out a template of your design, peel back the protective paper and stick the Template Tearaway to the fabric or garment for an accurate hooping guide! Use to combine intricate patterns for borders or large multi-hoop designs……accuracy doesn't get any easier!

Floriani Template Tearaway Sizes Available: 8 1/2" x 11" 25 pieces per package

FTCU Workshop 01

Trevor Conquergood has become an educational leader in the industry with his online workshops, and now he joins with Floriani to bring out the best in embroidery software. Join Trevor as he guides consumers through the Floriani Total Control U to turn its wonders into their own creative toolset & technique. But wait, the education won’t end there.

In addition to the video, this DVD will also give owner’s membership to 12 of Trevor’s monthly classes online. Attend classes live or download videos afterward to enjoy in their own time, all included with the purchase of the DVD.

Includes: DVD includes Quick Start Guide and *12 monthly classes membership. (*Membership allows you to attend live classes or download them to your own device.)

RNK Deco Magic and Deco Magic Lite

Use this iron-on, nonwoven interlining to add shape and dimension to your next project! This unique leather-like product is easy to shape and tear resistant making it ideal for hats, bags/purses, belts, crafting and home-dec projects. FUSE to your favorite decorative, cotton or synthetic fabric and create a dimensionally stable yet flexible piece that will give body without bulk! The fusible adhesive on Deco-Magic® creates a permanent bond to the fabric but because the adhesive is needle-friendly you are free to embellish with your favorite decorative stitches! Be sure to visit our projects page for creative ideas on how to use this magic product!

Available in regular and light-weight versions.

RNK Deco Magic and Deco Magic Lite Sizes Available: 17” x 5 feet

RNK Stitch Perfection Tape

Use this ultra-light, double-side sticky tape from RNK for multiple tasks and projects in your sewing and craft room.

RNK Stitch Perfection Tape Sizes Available: 1/2” x 25 yards, 1/4” x 25 yards