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Mettler Threads

Embroidery Cotton 30/2

The heavier weight thread in the classical Amann Group Mettler cotton embroidery threads, for decorative uses on heavier cottons, denim or when a bolder finish is required. Produced from 100% long-staple cotton, they stand out for their noble shine and for their soft, smooth and silk-like feel. The special dyeing technique gives the embroidery threads supreme color fastness. And does so for years.

Mercerization: Due to the mercerization process the embroidery thread reaches a high breaking resistance, has reduced shrinkage and is ironing resistant.

Highest Color Fastness: Due to the special dyeing technology, an exceptional color fastness is guaranteed.

Areas of Application: Ideal for machine embroidery and quilting, decorative seams.

Suitability: For a perfect work on fabrics such as denim, cotton, linen, terry cloth, etc.