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Seralene Polyester

SERALENE is ideally suited for fine seams on lightweight materials. SERALENE, the overlock thread with exceptional gliding properties, guarantees strong, trim seams that are scarcely visible or tangible. Thanks to its fineness, SERALENE can also be easily used as an underthread. And in a great selection of colours. SERALENE has an unrivalled and disruption-free sewability, including on the most demanding multiple overlock machines.

Optimal sewability
Suitable for high quality basting as well as for invisible stitching and decorative work. Also ideal as a looper thread. 

Exceptionally smooth
Unrivalled and trouble-free sewability, even on the most sophisticated multi-function overlock machines.

Ideal care qualities
SERALENE is totally shrink-proof and easy to clean.

Practical storage
The snap-lock Miniking spool provides a safe, clean, practical storage place. The thread can be locked in place when not in use.