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Seralon Extra Strong

A thread that holds its promise and the name says it all: EXTRA STRONG. It keeps together what belongs together. The thread is created for seams that withstand supreme stresses themselves. EXTRA STRONG can be used as a stable, tear and abrasion-resistant thread or for decorative requirements; it can always be relied on to stitch extremely securely.

Extra Strong holds together what belongs together and years on end. This thread has been created for seams that have to resist the highest levels of stress. EXTRA STRONG can be used as a stable, tear and chafe resistant thread or in decorative applications. Whatever your requirement it always produces an extra strong result.

High tensile strength
Provides greater seam strength with no thread breakage and high chafe resistance.

Optimal sewability
EXTRA STRONG can be used for both hand and machine sewing.

Decorative seams are particularly successful with EXTRA STRONG.